Monday, January 26, 2009

Apparently I shouldn't go to the gym between the hours of 2 and 5 pm...what a disappointment.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I use the predictive word setting when I text. For some reason if I'm trying to say "snowing," the first choice is "ponying." Is that a word? Who decides those things?

The Biggest Disappointment

So, as you may recall, I'm kinda a sucker for The Biggest Loser these days. It's strange because before I was totally an Idol fan, but I dropped it for The Biggest Loser. I think I might have to go back. For those of you that don't watch the show, you won't really relate to this, you can just stop reading now if you don't want to waste your time.

Last night there was an opportunity for the most annoying contestant ever to get voted off the ranch. We all thought that she would be gone, she thought she would be gone, and yes, even Bob thought she would be gone. But in a shocking twist the votes were a tie, which means that the lowest percentage had to wasn't her. What the crap?!?

I now believe that the show has to be rigged. The producers of the show, I believe, made half of the contestants vote for the other option to go home. They had to. It's the only explanation for why she will be on next week. I think that she is just so dramatic, and annoying, that they needed her to stay on to boost the ratings. It's a load of crap! For real. She doesn't even want to be on the ranch. She hardly works out, and complains the whole time that she's in the gym. And when asked if she wanted to be on the ranch, after a long hesitation, she spouted some nonsense. I honestly don't even know what she was talking about. They obviously edit the show to make you think one thing (they trick me so's pathetic really), but still she should have been sent home.

Perhaps she was literally afraid for her life if she would have gone home, and that's why she's still on. Her teammate would have killed her, I'm pretty sure.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gym

I don't know what it is, but when people are working out they think that allows them to show their interpretation, more skin than we want to see. So, today, since I didn't work I had free time to go to the gym at an earlier hour. I saw, for the second time, one lady who dresses fairly odd. She's quite petite, and I guess in her mind, that means she doesn't need many clothes. She wears a halter top shirt that barely covers, black leggings pulled so low...well you don't want to know, and of all footwear, boots-pink and black fluffy boots. I can understand some skimpy clothing in the gym if it was really hot or something. But it's winter. It's not that hot in there and I've never seen her do cardio, only weights. She does have nice tone in her arms, I will give her that much.

Unfortunately I happened to see her bend over to adjust some equipment today, and yes, she had, what some might call, a "plumber's butt" (no offense to any plumbers). But it sure wasn't cause she had a big belly. Ultimately I would like to see people wearing more clothes at the gym, show some respect for those of us who accidentally look your way! (Note to self, do NOT go to the gym between 3 and 5 pm).

Forgot Some Things

OK so I forgot a few great things about my trip. First of all, if you haven't heard it yet, you need to hear Lauren bark like a dog! So funny! Man, I have cute nieces. Secondly, one of my favorite Megan moments: we were eating lunch before church on Sunday and Megan's last bite of macaroni and cheese fell onto her bib, when she realized what had happened she exclaimed, "Oh crap!" I died. MaryAnn admits to teaching her that one. So, to echo Megan Carter's post about "Apple Bottom Jeans," kids do listen and repeat. Megan is especially good at that these days. "What people in the white car?" LOL! One more reason not to have kids folks, they can cause havoc!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh and MaryAnn is the one who set up this new background for me. I think it's pretty great and festive! I'm a sucker for Valentine's day paraphernalia.

Las Vegas

I know I have totally been slacking on the blogging. Did ya miss me? Yeah, I thought so. Some of you may know that my life has been a little crazy.... So I took a vacation. I came to Las Vegas to visit my sister and her cute kids. They are so cute! It has been a good time and very relaxing, which is what I was looking for. Maybe a little too relaxing...I think I'm going to have to spend 3 hours in the gym tomorrow and I'm not getting on a scale for at least a week. Anyway...

Here are some of the highlights...sorry there are no pictures. I totally left my camera in Utah...oops. Anyway, mostly what we did was shop. We went to a new mall here in Vegas, Town Square. It is really nice, an outdoor mall. They have a great play area and we had a lot of fun playing with the kids. Also MaryAnn and I scored some sweet deals at the Ann Taylor Loft store. Clearance with an extra 25% off...too good to be true. But, since I had just paid tuition before leaving, I didn't over spend. Most of the money I spent was on MaryAnn and kids and food. Yeah, our lunches were the most expensive parts of our shopping sprees. Pathetic.

My favorite parts were the warm weather. I think I'm thawed out now...just as I'm about to return to home. Hearing Lauren say her new words, "Ariel" (this one you have to see, she holds her mouth in an O when she says cute!), hearing Lauren's low grunty-laugh, seeing Megan answer for Lauren when in the car (she does a really high voice when she's being Lauren), and hearing Megan sing the Little Mermaid songs. Yes, folks, we have another niece headed that way. Thanks to: Tim, for buying that movie for Megan, it is well watched, and Shannon, for the infamous princess book. Without these two items my trip would not have been what it was. Megan only wants to hear the princess stories and only the ones with princes in them. So funny!

So, knowing that I am going to have to wake-up wicked early tomorrow to catch my plane and looking forward to the homework that I didn't even bring with me, this trip draws to a close. I am glad I had the opportunity to get away for a while, although things are still as confusing as ever. What can ya do?!?

Thursday, January 1, 2009


In keeping with tradition, I took no pictures during the Christmas break. I will refer you to Sandy's and Dad's blogs to check out some photos. I don't know what it is, but I'm just not a picture taker. It's something that I have to make a concerted effort to do. So, anyway. Christmas was great! I love my family! My friend told me that playing games with my family is my "happy place." It's true. I love it!

So, the other highlight of Christmas was that my niece, Lauren, learned to say my name. Has she been asking for me, MaryAnn? She's cute, and despite what you all think, she does not just call me "Di." (That's an easy one for kids to say, so they usually pick it up fast.) She calls me some version of "Ana," it maybe sounds like "Iana" a little bit. Guess I'll have to go to Vegas for a visit soon so she doesn't forget it.