Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, I'm on vacation in the middle of the week, I know I am the luckiest person in the world! Well, me and my BFF, Casey. We made plans this summer to come to Colorado to see the Counting Crows in concert. Here's the reason. Casey and I are opposites in every possible way. It's true. She loves country on the other hand, not a big fan. I love Mexican food...she thinks black pepper is spicy. Despite these and many other differences, we get along famously. We served together as missionaries for 6 months. Most of you might not know, but that is a really long time to be with one companion. It was great! We got home from our missions and kept in touch and are still great friends.

Anyway, one of the few things we have in common is our love for the Counting Crows. When they came out with a new album, we were anticipating they might go on tour. They are, but they did not go to Utah. Colorado is close and I have a sister that lives here, who also loves the Counting Crows, and gets along well with Casey, so we decided to make a trip of it! Yay! We got here late last night and are flying home late Thursday night, but it's bound to be great!

One thing about taking a vacation in the middle of a work week is that it totally messes your days up. It feels like it should be a weekend to me. And, yeah, Casey loves to sleep in. Since I took my sister to work early-ish this morning, I am up with not much to do.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Biggest Loser

So, one of my shows started last night. I don't know why, but I am hooked to The Biggest Loser. It all started last season. They are doing families this season, and already I am loving it. Although, I am a little disappointed. None of the men on the show have nasty man boobs. I mean, nothing really could compare to Jay's from last season. Yikes!

For the first time ever, one of the contestants was restricted to only a half-hour of exercise everyday. How is that possible? Well, I mean I know it's for health reasons, but all they do all day everyday is work out. He still managed to lose 17 pounds at the first weigh-in. I know a lot of that has to do with eating habits and I am sure that he spent time at least walking on the treadmill most of the day. At least I would think he could do that. Who knows?!?

I used to always like Bob the best of the trainers, but I am leaning more toward Jillean each season. I think I would love to have some time to work out with either of them for a day or a week. If anyone knows how to set that up, let me know! Happy watching to you all!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello Yogurt

So the other day I went to this new yogurt shop with some friends. It was good. It's kind of an interesting idea (at least I've never seen anything like it in Utah before). You pick your size and then you fill it with some yogurt (they had maybe 6 different kinds) and then your put some toppings on it and then they weigh it and you pay 38 cents per ounce.

After getting our yogurt we sat on the couches in the store to enjoy it. We were sitting in front of the yogurt dispensers and so we got to observe all the people that came into the store. This group walked in that were two big Polynesian guys and their wives. When they came into the store some other couple that was already there started chatting with them (apparently they were all friends). A little while later this other couple came in that were probably in their 50s. For some reason the wife says to me, "I think I better get in front of them," pointing at the talking Polynesians.
I agree with her thinking they might be talking for a while and I wouldn't want to wait for them either with the line moving ahead.
And then she adds, "There won't be any left when they get done."
I quickly explain to her that I thought they might be talking for a while...blah de blah.

Can you believe it? I mean who says things like that? She was talking loud enough for me to hear and we weren't that close to each other, there's no way those guys didn't hear what she said about them. I was rather appalled at her nerve or maybe her tactlessness. Just plain rude. I hope that they didn't think I was agreeing with her because I thought they would eat all the yogurt, honestly, I was just thinking they would be talking with their friends for a while. Sheesh!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Sign of my Age

So the other day I was working at the fabric store. I only work there about twice a month, but for some reason interesting things happen when I'm there. Anyway, we were listening to the radio station FM 100. For all of you not in Utah, it's an easy listening station. Typical listening material for fabric stores and other such places. Anyway, near the end of the day they announced a new album coming out for the band Matchbox 20. One of my favorite groups. I got excited to know that they were making a new album that would be out the beginning of next year, and then I realized that I was listening to FM 100. You may not know what this means. It means that one of my favorite groups is old people music. For real!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Must be Old

When I take the time to think about it I realize I'm in my late twenties. However, it's not something that I think about often. Occasionally I have a wake-up call that makes me realize just how old I am. The other day I was shopping for some new school/work clothes. It's that time of year. You have to buy new outfits in the fall, it's just the way it works. Anyway, I was wanting some new slacks so I could look semi-professional when I go to work. I was becoming frustrated as I tried on pants and didn't like the way they were looking. Most of the time I can tell I won't like the pants (or any article of clothing) just by looking at it. I mean, I've lived in this body long enough to know what I'm going to like on. Anyway, as I went to yet another store I found some slacks that looked like they might work. I went to the dressing room and it turned out they fit quite well. They were long enough and not too tight.

While wearing these pants at work the other day, I realized that they are totally old-people pants. I mean, they were so not the type of pants I would normally wear. They were a "straight-leg" cut. I don't know why they are called straight, because what it really means is that they are tapered. Well, I still like them and I will still wear them, but it just made me feel really old.