Thursday, June 27, 2013

Such a Big Boy

So, Brinton started walking this last week...sort of.  He's been walking around holding our hands for a few weeks now...his favorite way to get around.  On Father's Day we were at dinner at my parent's house and my he was walking between my mom and me pretty well (without holding onto anything).  Later that week Sam and I had him walk between us and we kept moving farther apart.  He could walk the length of our living room consistently without too much difficulty.  Yesterday he started walking independently, just to toys or whatever interested him.  He can't stand up without pulling up on something, but he would pull up on the furniture and then take off. 

Also, yesterday he signed his first was "tree."  I was reading him one of his favorite books (it's just a little board book with nature words in it).  I don't know why, but I've consistently signed the book to him (that's the only thing I really do sign consistently with him).  After reading it a couple of times, I opened the first page and he said, "Eee," and put his arm up (if you know the sign for tree you might visualize it better).  It was too cute!  Hopefully I can catch it on film one of these days...he doesn't always do it though so it'll be a challenge.  Sorry there are no pictures for this post, maybe I can figure out how to put the video of him walking from Sam's phone on here...