Friday, May 23, 2008


So, I read a lot of blogs. More than I should waste my time on. I link through my friends' blogs and have found quite a few blogs of people I knew in high school. No one that I was really good friends with, just acquaintances. To me, they are interesting to read...and a little bewildering. Honestly, I CANNOT believe that there are people out there, my age, that have three or four kids. What is that?

Granted, I was never the type to get married young, but still. How is it possible that a girl my age could have a child old enough to go to kindergarten? Wow! It blows my mind. I don't feel old enough for that. I guess I am just a slow mover in life. You know, slow to marry (if that ever happens), slow to graduate college, and for sure slow to have kids.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rain Dance

Why is it that every time I wash my car it rains the same day (or the very next day)?!? It just makes me sad. I spent all that time to wash my car for nothing. I mean it takes a lot to actually remember to buy a car wash when you gas up and then find a nice day to go through the wash, hoping you won't have to wait in line behind anyone. I guess I should start watching the might save me some heartache.

On another note...if you have not seen the new "Prince Caspian" movie, I highly reccomend it. I loved it! More than "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Pretty People of Utah

I've lived in Utah my whole life. Lately, it seems, I've heard many people comment about the attractiveness of the people that live in this state. The first time that I heard someone mention this strange phenomenon was when my friend came down to visit from Oregon. As we were eating lunch he pointed out quite a few women that he found attractive and then he said, "Everyone in Utah is pretty! Everywhere I go there are so many pretty girls! I think I'm going to have to move here."

I didn't really think much of his opinion. I mean people that I think are pretty and people that he thinks are pretty are probably not the same. The next incident was with a college professor. She had moved here from Florida, and had lived in other southern states. She taught at a junior high near Salt Lake City and then taught at the college in the afternoons/evenings. She would always comment about how all the boys and girls in her junior high classes were so beautiful. And she thought they all looked very similar as well. She talked about this on more than one occasion.

If you are an American Idol fan you may have noticed, like my friend, that there was a difference between the people they showed when David Archuleta came home and the people that were neighbors or fans of the other two contestants. Also, there are more gyms per capita in Utah than other states in the nation. I'm not saying that all people in Utah are more fit than those in other states, but it does seem to imply that they generally are thinner and fitter than others.

As I look at all of these facts and opinions of those from out of state I think, "Wow! There is a lot of pressure to be pretty here in Utah. I don't think that I am living up to that." Then I wonder to myself, "WHY am I still living in Utah?!?" I mean if I am average looking here imagine how beautiful I could be somewhere else!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Stinky Locker

This post is dedicated to my faithful locker buddies of 1998-1999.

This morning as the announcement came on that it was time to clean out the lockers, as tradition holds for the end of the school year, I was taken back to an experience I once had with a locker. The first day of school in my junior year one of my good friends came to pick me up, since we were planning to walk to school together. As we made the trek up to the high school we talked about our schedules and the lockers that we were assigned to. I remember the previous year I hadn't put any name down to share a locker with for the next year. I was really surprised to find that this friend and I would be sharing a locker, along with one more friend. Neither of us had put each other's name down, so we assumed that it was the third friend that had listed both of us.

We located our locker that first day and continued to use it throughout the year. The third friend never used it much, but since it was close to our trig class, which we had with another friend, she started using it as well. A few months into the school year we started noticing an unpleasant aroma every time we opened our locker. We tried to get the janitors to clean it for us, but that was fruitless. We stayed after school one day and cleaned it ourselves. Still, the stench was there. We put air fresheners in the locker (perhaps too many). People walking by would comment on the strong smell of the air fresheners when we were at our locker. Besides, it was one of those air fresheners-mixed-with-stink smells that was now protruding from our locker. Eventually we started smelling the stink during our classes had spread to our text books. Nothing we tried got rid of the smell. We think something had died behind our locker or underneath it or somewhere in close proximity to it.

The best part about this stinky locker experience was that a couple years later my friend's little sister was in a trig class. Her book still carried the rotten locker stench.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Bother's Engaged

It's true. My younger bother is engaged. It's really strange when I think about him being engaged. He's getting married in less than two months...yikes! It's not like he's too young to be married, it's just that he's my little brother (although nothing about him is actually little...unless you count his fiance).

It's just weird that my little brother is getting married. It is also strange that both of my brothers, although eight years apart, will be married in the same year. (My older brother got married in February this year.) I am happy for the addition to my family, and just want to send out a big congratulations to the happy couple.

Also a quick shout-out to Sand. Pound it for being single. Just think how good the picture will look this time around, now that the ugly brothers are out.... :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some People's Kids

I know that there are a lot of annoying people in the world. I am sure that I am one of them to some people some of the time. We all are. I get more annoyed from the people that think they are the exception to this rule.

The other day I was working at a school that is not normally where I work. It starts later than my normal school so I was going to have to go straight from that job to my next job and would probably be late anyway. The day came to an end and I went out to my car. When I got there, much to my dismay, there was a car parked behind me. This is not unusual, because there are always parents out there waiting to pick up their kids. They are usually nice enough to move out of the way when they see that I want to back up and leave. The great thing about this particular parent was that they had actually left the car...there was no one in it...I was stuck. Needless to say I was frustrated with this situation. I sat in my car kind of side-saddle on the front seat, reading my book, while I waited for the owner of the Ford Mustang to come move his car. When he finally did come out and get in his car I looked at him or rather I glared at him. I am sure it was a good crusty stare too. I can give good stink eye when I want to. He's just lucky I kept my mouth shut.