Sunday, November 18, 2012

Six Months

Brinton's 6 month birthday was this last Thursday.  These last 6 months have gone so fast (at least looking back on it...there were times it felt slow).  I can't believe how big Brinton is now.  He's eating solids, and liking it...mostly, he rolls over...but only one way, he loves to use his voice...sometimes by screeching in your ear, and he loves his parents.  He has the cutest laugh but not very many people get to experience it...he is fairly conservative with his smiles and most definitely with his laugh.  He enjoys music.  He loves "Popcorn Popping," and "Happy Family."  I'm not sure if it's the songs he likes or the actions.  I know "Happy Family" doesn't have actions but I sign it to him when I sing it.  There are other songs I sign when I sing, but not as consistently as I do that one.  He loves to suck on his fists and anything else he can get in his mouth.  He likes sounds of all sorts and he LOVES to blow raspberries, which is less fun when it happens during his feedings.  I tried to have some pictures taken of him on his actual 6 month birthday, but despite my made-two-weeks-in-advanced-appointment, it didn't happen...yes I'm bitter about it.  So all I have from the actual day are a few pictures I took myself, with my phone.  Hopefully we'll get some real pictures one of these days...can't wait too long.  So here are a couple of pictures of the big boy:

And just for a fun comparison, this was taken the day we got home from the hospital.
 And this is from the Fourth of July (obviously), so he was almost 2 months.
 We love our cute little boy, it's hard to remember life before he was here.  Now if only we could get him to sleep through the night....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

4 months

Brinton turned 4 months old yesterday.  He is such a fun baby...most of the time.  I certainly cherish the time I get to be with him, since it is less often than  I would prefer.  He loves to hold things now, especially my shirt.  He sometimes will grab his toys and blankets, but when he's being held he likes to hold on to whoever is holding him.  He loves pat-a-cake and smiles or laughs when I play that with him.  He loves to suck his fists and sometimes his thumb.  He hasn't rolled over, but when he's on his belly he scoots around in circles with his legs.  He is doing well at the daycare, and at Mary Ann's.  I love when work is over and I get to see him, and I live for the weekends.  I'm very selfish with the time that I have with him.  Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today.  He is such a cutie!

Monday, August 20, 2012

3 Months

So, Brinton is now 3 months old.  He is a much easier baby now.  He is fun and social, at least with Sam and I.  He smiles at us a lot and does a funny little laugh.  He is so cute.  He loves to look at our ceiling fan and smile at it too.  He also loves his baths, he splashes like crazy when he is taking a bath, gets water everywhere.  He still likes to be moving often, but will also just sit and be content.  He loves to suck on his fists...I think he might turn into a thumb sucker, but he hasn't quite figured out how to get just his thumb in his mouth (not that he necessarily tries to). 

Tomorrow I go back to work (my first full day back).  It is going to be really hard to leave Brinton for the whole day.  I don't know how moms can go to work, I guess you do what you have to, but it is hard.  I know that being a stay-at-home mom wouldn't be easy either.  But I would much prefer that to working.  I hope that this school year will go by as fast as the summer has. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

2 months

I know I am a little slow in writing this...Brinton is almost 3 months now.  I can't beleive how fast this summer has gone!  It is very depressing to think that August is here.  I must admit, at first this summer seemed super slow, but now that it's almost over it was fast.  It's been a challenge adjusting to being parents...not that the challenge is over, but I guess it's getting easier.

Around Brinton's 2 month birthday, we had some pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids. He was blessed on July 8, and the pictures were taken shortly after that.  He is wearing the outfit he was blessed in for the pictures.  I think they turned out cute, so here are some of the pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

3 Weeks

So, on Tuesday,June 5, Brinton was three weeks old.  It was also my unofficial due date.  Crazy to think that he was due this week.  I had him weighed on June 7, the due date my doctor gave me.  He was 6 pounds 13.5 ounces.  That's up 13.5 ounces from 8 days prior, when we were at his two week check up.  Can't believe that he gained so much weight in such a short time.  Sam says he eats like his dad.  We're really grateful that he is doing so well, gaining weight, and mostly letting us sleep some at night.

He wasn't too happy when I was trying to take pictures of him.  I wanted to try to get one of his feet, with his whole body so you could kind of see how big his feet are compared to the rest of him, but it didn't work out too great.  Anyway, I think he's pretty cute and looking a little chunkier, but these pictures don't do him justice.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brinton's Arrival

It's been a while since I've blogged.  I decided now would be a good time. (My baby is sound asleep for hopefully another hour.)  Anyway, many of you already know that I had my baby last week.  I'll just summarize quickly what happened for those of you that may not know.  Last Monday, May14, I had an appointment with a specialist to talk about turning my baby (he had been breech my whole pregnancy due to my "heart-shaped" uterus).  Sam and I went to the doctor and they started with doing an ultrasound.  When the tech was pretty much finished with the ultrasound she said that our baby was estimated to be weighing 4 pounds 14 ounces.  That's really, really small for being almost 37 weeks along.  So, the doctor came in and told us that my regular doctor and she was concerned about the size of our baby.  She talked about a few reasons why he might be so small and then she said, "Do you have a car seat?" I responded in the affirmative.  Then, "Is your house ready?"  Again, I said, "Yes." (Fortunately Sam and I had finished getting his room ready over the weekend.)  Then she said, "Are you ready to have your baby tomorrow?"  I hesitantly said, "Sure."  It was a shock, to say the least.  She told me to call my doctor and they would schedule a C-section.  They thought that the baby would grow better outside of me than inside since it appeared my placenta was failing.

 The following day Brinton was born at 12:49.  He weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces (so their estimate was a little off), and he was 18 inches long.  He was in the NICU for a day and half, because of breathing problems.  We were discharged Friday, May 18.  We are just very grateful that Brinton didn't have to stay at the hospital and that he got to come home with us.  It is definitely an adjustment having a baby, but we love our cute little boy.

This is me at 36 weeks...

This is the morning before Brinton was born, so  37 weeks.  I don't think I'm that much bigger than
I was at  36 weeks, it;s just a close-up picture.

Brinton on Sunday morning.

The next two are Brinton on his week old birthday.

We also celebrated our three year anniversary today.  It definitely was overlooked due to our new arrival, but my mother-in-law came over and watched Brinton for about 45 minutes.  We had a very romantic 45 minutes by going to the Sprint store to pick up Sam's phone (it had been behaving crazily), we drove down University Parkway to see the new CFI (continuous flow intersection...or something like that), and then we went to WinCo and bought some candy from their bulk section.  It was the first time I've really been out of the house since being home so it was nice to get out...even though it really wasn't romantic.  Brinton slept the whole time we were gone.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

You can thank Joy

So, last Thursday I had my 28 week check up.  Due to some irregularity with my uterus, I was having an ultrasound as well as the normal doctor visit.  Sam and I went in to the room where the ultrasound technician was and she, Joy, asked if we were just checking that irregularity.  I responded in the affirmative.  She proceeded with the ultrasound and practically the first thing she said was, "There's the boy part."  I sat up a little and looked at Sam, wondering if I had just heard what I thought I had.  He had a shocked looked on his face so Joy said, "Isn't that what I told you last time?"  I said, "No.  You didn't tell us last time because we weren't going to find out."  She apologized and continued with the ultrasound, and apologized many more times.

We were pretty bothered the rest of the day, but what can ya do??  So we told our families on Sunday by presenting them with some blue-frosted cupcakes.  We were disappointed to find out what we are having earlier than we wanted, but are excited for our son.  And, just FYI, he is measuring a little small for how far along I am, but nothing to be concerned about, and not enough that they would change my due date.  So, for any of you that were just dying to find out what we are having, you can thank Joy for the early revelation.

Monday, March 12, 2012

28 weeks

This is mostly for Shannon.  She wanted to see a picture of my pregnant belly.  So, here you are:

Guess I can't complain for being 28 weeks along.  So far, I've only been using my belly band, when I wear my skinnier clothes.  Usually I just wear my fat jeans or gym clothes or elastic waist skirts.  Can't believe I'll have a baby in less than 3 months (or there about).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I can't believe how fast time goes by.  Wow!  Another year gone.  I know I have been totally slacking in the blogging world.  And this post will be as boring as ever.  I have no pictures so if you'd like to read some rambling, feel free.

We did do some things this past year...I'm just not sure what they were.  I know we visited some family.  Made another trip to DC (it was great as usual).  We didn't do any major home improvements (much to my dismay, I wanted to paint downstairs and do some fixing up there, but it never happened).  I suppose all in all it was a good year.

This next year should bring some fun and exciting changes.  Two of my sister-in-laws are pregnant (one is Sam's sister, the other my brother's wife), and come June our family will have one more as well.  No, we are not finding out what gender our baby is prior to birth, and yes, I think that we will be able to prepare just as well.  I'm getting excited...although it's definitely taken some time to get used to the idea that I'm pregnant.  I'm not sure I'm there yet.  Perhaps it would help if I was showing...maybe.  I obviously don't know when it will be real to me, since this is my first time.

Anyway, I've definitely made some resolutions, but none of them are too exciting or impressive.  Mostly they are just personal improvement goals...boring for you, but I'm glad to report that I've already made a good start.  At least this year I DO NOT have the resolution to lose weight!  I guess that might become a mid-year resolution.  Maybe the next time I post I'll have some pictures of something....