Friday, September 17, 2010

So here is the new kitchen...I love it!  It is almost all the way done, just have to install the dishwasher, get a new light for above the sink, and fix the hinges on one'll see what I mean...

This is the old kitchen...obviously (I hope)

Destruction much fun
New cabinets are molding, handles, or knobs

Finished product...excepting those few things I mentioned at the beginning....Isn't it lovely?!?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to Work

Well, the summer is over.  And it has been for a couple of weeks now.  I started working last Monday.  I'm working at a high school...yay!  Probably my favorite age group to work with.  So far the teachers and staff at the school have been great!  Some of the secretaries I've encountered at other schools have been a little bit condescending.  So, I'm liking my new assignment.  Plus I love the high school schedule...minus the getting up early part, but it's worth it to be done so early. 

The summer flew by, as usual.  Seemed to be pretty uneventful.  But we did have some good vacations to California, Colorado, and the Uintas.  Also, we finished painting our whole upstairs...that was really awesome.  Vaulted ceilings are not the most exciting thing to work with when it comes to painting the house.  Love them otherwise. 

The past couple of weeks, Sam has been diligently working on getting our kitchen cabinets made.  I think I helped a lot too, but of course he's put more hours in.  I do know that I could not make cabinetry my profession.  Wow!  The process that they go through to finish cabinets and doors is insane.  You put stain on to wipe it off.  You lacquer and then you sand it off.  You lacquer again and then you sand it again.  You put a glaze on and then you wipe it off.  And, of course, you put another one or two coats of lacquer on.  Very tedious.  Sam's standards relating to cabinets are much higher than mine, so he's made most of the choices for our new kitchen cabinets.  It'll be great when it's all  installed...which should be within the next week.  I'll take some final remodel pictures then.  It'll be really nice...I'm excited.

I'm proud to say that I got some sewing projects finished over the last week of summer break.  Curtains in my living room and a coat I started last October.  Rest at ease, Mom.