Saturday, April 27, 2013

Before and After

So, I did find my ring.  It was in one of my jacket pockets...I seriously do NOT even remember wearing that particular jacket the day I lost my ring.  I found it a week and a day after I lost it, guess that was the next time I wore that jacket.  Anyway, I was really glad to find it and am taking much better care of it now.

So, here are some before and after pictures of our windows.  They are fantastic!  I am loving them!

And one last before and after...

Yep, making a sweet face in this picture, I know.  Also, note the angle of the shot, it makes my hair look longer than it actually was.

I cut off about 11 inches...I still need to send it in to locks of love....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break...the highs and lows

This last week was Spring Break.  It was so great to get some time off!  I always love my vacations!  I don't know how people work those jobs that don't have built-in holidays.  Anyway...I started the break off (I'm talking the Friday night after the last day of work) by doing some sleep training with Brinton.  Yes, he had been waking up in the night, and I was rather sick of it.  So I decided when he woke up that night around 1:30 or 2:00, I was just going to let him cry.  He cried for about 15 minutes and then stopped and I thought, "That was too easy."  He started crying again a little bit later and cried off and on for the next hour and a half.  Eventually, he fell back asleep.

The next morning we attended the Orem City Easter Egg Hunt with MaryAnn and her kids (Scott, Mary Ann, and Hannah also came).  I just carried Brinton around in one of those carriers that strap onto your chest.  I wasn't going to try and have him get an egg or candy...even though the youngest section is posted for 0-3 years.  I supervised Megan, since all of MaryAnn's kids were in different age groups this year.  Poor Megan was with the oldest group and I'm afraid she didn't get much.  Luckily Lauren was kind enough to share the two prize tickets that she got.  That night Brinton slept without waking up, it was a miracle!

 Sunday was Easter and we celebrated with both families.  Sam's mom did an egg hunt for the grandkids (she puts nickels in the eggs which is great for the kids, sad for me cause I have to actually buy my own Easter candy lol).  Then we went down to visit my family on the holiday.  We bought Brinton an Easter outfit, but didn't do a basket for him this year.  That night Brinton slept awfully.  He had a cold and wasn't feeling great and he got up a few times during the night.

The week of Spring Break was rather uneventful at this house.  I managed to check several items off my "spring cleaning" list and we got new windows installed (that was the highlight of the break).  I lost my "non-wedding" ring.  Sam gave me a custom made ring for Christmas in 2011.  I had been wearing it ever since Brinton was born because it was flat and silver, no poking up diamond to scratch him with.  I'm still looking for the ring and although my mom and Sam tell me it's a lost cause, I haven't given up hope.  I'm still really sad about it.  Other than that, I spent my time chillin' with my Mom, shopping, and loving my son.  Brinton has two new teeth that broke through early in the week and he is getting to be quite the fast crawler.  He loves to stand and is starting to walk around holding onto the furniture more.  He thinks he is so funny when he is going somewhere he knows I don't want him to go and playing with things he shouldn't be, like cords.  He's so big and so fun! He spent the rest of the break sleeping fine one night and then waking up the next screaming for an hour or so each night he woke up.  Fortunately (knock on wood) he has been sleeping fine the last two nights since I have gone back to work, I'm hoping that the sleep training was successful and this will now be the new pattern.   Now for some pictures!

This is Brinton playing on the toy we gave him for Easter/early birthday.  He likes the music it plays.

This is us at the Orem City Easter egg hunt.  Yes, I know we are both looking lovely.  I was trying to do a self-shot and it was hard, but all the same.  He is wearing some sweet bunny ears they were giving out.  Mostly he just liked to eat them.

This is us on Easter Sunday ( yes, I made us all coordinate our outfits). Aren't we so cute?!?

Brinton loving the Easter egg hunt at the Rosenthal's.  I love how he kept his legs up off the grass as much as possible.  He did eventually crawl on the grass, however.

I might have to get before and after pictures of the windows from Sam.  I didn't take any, but I'm too lazy to do that now so I guess those are all the pictures you get for today. :)