Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 3: umm...

So there really hasn't been much change the last couple of days.  I know I thought it'd be awesome to do daily pictures and updates, but it kinda looks the same.  I'll post a few pictures and point out the changes for you.  It seems like they are a little stuck on the electrical changes that need to take place.  Yeah, our kitchen was, apparently, the central location for all the wiring in our whole house.  You think I'm joking?!?  Not so much.  So, currently things are at a stand still. 

This week has been a fun one, however.  Got my tires rotated today and had to buy two new tires, even though it has been less than two years since I bought my tires.  My car's alignment was pretty jacked that fixed and am looking forward to another repair.  Something to do with a bent something or another that has to be replaced!  Good times.  Next week should be better.  Only 7 more work days til summer vacation...WAHOO!!!

See the fancy new can lights they've put up?  Not that they actually work right now...but hey, I guess it's progress.  And I think they tore the ceiling off since the last post.

Remember those dry wall patches in the entry hall way?  Those are being mudded and will eventually look like the rest of the wall.  Cool! 

So, yeah, that's basically all the progress I've seen the last couple of days.  Might be taking more meals at our parents' houses the next couple of weeks.  It's gonna take a while before things are less dirty (dusty) and more usable.  Hopefully, in the end, it'll all be worth it....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 1: Demolition

So, we are having our 6'11" high kitchen ceiling vaulted to match the rest of our living/dining room area.  They started work yesterday.  They got most of the demolition done...I think.  From what I hear, that's the hardest part.  I hope that's so.  Although, as they uncovered the walls that were there and the ceiling, I think they found some wires that may make the electrical more difficult than anticipated.  Isn't that always so???  Honestly, when we got the bid, I figured it would be more than they quoted us, and maybe take longer then they said.  But, we're okay with them working late, so maybe they will get it done within the week (still not holding my breath).

Here are some before pictures:

We are super sad to be losing our completely useless loft.  Well, at least I think Michael is a little sad that we are taking his room and making it part of our kitchen.  Sorry Michael...but I don't think Nora would like to live there with you.

And some pictures from the end of day 1:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lazy Days

I feel so totally lazy today.  I need to go to the gym but so far I've just been lying in my bed.  In fact, I even ate my dinner in my bed.  That's how lazy I feel.  So many things I should be doing but instead I'm blogging...

It's still cold outside.  Fortunately it's not snowing.  It's just super windy which makes me really cold.  Here's a couple of my favorite things from the week:

  • the first thing is the grand opening of Winco!  It's just down the street from my house.  I am a huge fan of Winco and have been since my mission in long ago....  I didn't brave going to Winco during the day Monday, but Sam and i made a trip that night at 11:30.  It was great!  The lines were short and we got all the deals and, of course, some of my favorites from their amazing bulk section.  Man, I love that place.  It makes me feel like I'm in Oregon when really I'm here in Utah.  I forgot how much I love it.
  • secondly, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."  I've been wanting to read these books for a while, but the first one was always checked out from the library.  (I can't read books out of order, so even though the third or fourth one would be in, I never got it.)  I knew it would be an easy read, what I didn't know was how funny it would be!  It totally made me laugh out loud.  Good times!  It was kind of nice to take a little break from reading "Lord of the Rings."  I would honestly recommend those books to anyone, although I've only read the first two.  It makes me want to see the movie.

  • last, but not least, is merely the fact that I've had good gym attendance this week, excepting today...but I'll go...eventually.  I've even been really good about doing cardio, even though it depresses me that it's too cold to run outside AND it's May 6th.  Guess you can't have it all.