Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Putting it to a vote

So, I am planning on getting a tiara for my wedding...or maybe just borrowing Mary Ann's. But I wanted some feedback on these ones I've been looking at. So, let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ron...oh, Ron: the sequel

I wasn't going to post about The Biggest Loser this week, but because MaryAnn commented about I figured I would. First of all, Tara bugs me. Yeah, she's strong, and wins everything. But I seriously get annoyed at her complaining. Everyone picks on me...wa wa wa. Of course they do! You always win, AND you've lost the highest percentage in the house. Deal with it. And, of course Jillian is going to get mad when you eat 4000 calories in a temptation. Sure you're there for you, but Jillian's there to get mad at you when you do stupid things and don't work out. Sheesh! Do these people not know what they signed up for??? I mean honestly, they've all confessed to watching the show before. Did they think that going from their state of inactivity to working out 12 hours a day would be easy? For real!

Secondly...Ron. Oh my. I just can't even express in words how much he annoys me. I think that Kristen said it best when she was talking about how controlling and manipulative he is. He really is the biggest game-player in the house. Just because someone tells you, "You'll be fine," that doesn't mean they are voting for the opposite person to go home. Perhaps it just means that they think you will be fine when you go home. Up until last night I really quite liked Mikey, Ron's son. But alas, he was so upset that people would vote for his father to go home (how dare they!!), that he, too, annoyed me. I would've voted Ron home long ago merely because he is unpleasant to look at with his shirt off. Fortunately, they've reached the point where they weigh-in with those form-fitting tank tops on. Unfortunately, I've seen Ron enough to know what that bulge is that seems to be hiding under his shirt, lurking barely out of sight...his six-pack haunts me.


So, after watching the episode of The Biggest Loser where they contestants ran a half-marathon as the challenge, I thought to myself, "If they can do that, I certainly can." It became my goal. Of course, I thought I'd work up to it, so the last couple of weeks I've been running longer distances...you know, like 5-7 miles. Just about once a week...outside. On the colder days I've stayed in the gym and ran my usual 3 miles.

Well, yesterday I decided that I was going to run 10 miles. Because I'm too lazy to actually plan a 10 mile route, I just run around the track at the Orem hospital, that Ive been told is a mile plus...I'm going to figure out exactly how long it actually is today (hopefully). Can I just tell you that running that track 10 times was probably the most difficult thing I've ever done?!? (Physically...that is.)

Ironically, it was the 9th time around that was the hardest! I wanted to cry, I'm not even joking. I seriously wanted to give up...but then as I neared my starting point I thought, "I only have one more time to go around to make 10. Are you really going to quit so close to accomplishing your goal for today?" My stubbornness kicked in, and I ran the last lap.

I think I must be getting old, because my knees are killing me today! I can hardly walk. Well, ok that's not really true, but it does hurt. I must commend those of you that have ever done long distance running like that. It's not easy. Yes, I still plan on running a half marathon and eventually a marathon. That is one of my life goals. I am pretty proud of finishing my goal yesterday. It feels like quite an accomplishment. Yay for me!

Shout out

I just wanted to give a shout-out to Tracy for taking, pretty much, the best engagements ever! I love, love, love the pictures. Thanks...you're the bomb.com!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


If you want to preview some engagement pictures, check out the link.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ron...oh, Ron

OK, so by now you all know that one of my favorite things to do in the small amount of free time I have is to watch the Biggest Loser. So, yes, I am writing yet one more post about that horribly addicting show.

What is the deal with Ron? Is it just me or does anyone else think that he should have been voted off five weeks ago??? I really don't know how all the contestants have fallen into his sympathy trap. HE NEEDS TO GO HOME!!! He drives me crazy! He has been up for elimination five times, and five times the other contestants have done what he's asked. I take you back to the week Mandy was eliminated...said Ron, "Mandy, it's your turn to go home now." Who decided that Ron got to assign the "turns" to go home?

So, in last nights episode they brought back a contestant, Nicole. Unfortunately Nicole gained weight and was up for elimination. Ron, once again was up for elimination. How he managed to get by, yet again, I have no idea. I mean, from the game-player perspective, Nicole was a bigger threat. But, I sure liked her much better than I like Ron.

Sandy's fun list!!!

Here's the scoop...post a comment in response to the following questions about me. Feel free to copy the whole list into the comments if that is easier for you.

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