Friday, February 26, 2010

Whose Mom are You??

So, I didn't think that I looked older than my actual age, but some events this week have made me re-think that estimation of myself.

The Junior High School I work at was having a book fair this week. I decided to go check it out and see if there was anything I needed to get. I sometimes feel like I should support my place of employment. I went to the book fair and I found this awesome cook book. It was "Quick and Easy Chicken recipes from Scratch." I decided I would buy it. As I was paying for the book the cashier, a PTA volunteer, told me about the raffle they had if you bought a book. Then she says, "You can just put your student's name on this ticket and it'll go in the drawing."

Really?!? I look like the mom of a junior high student? That would mean I had a child at age 15. I told her that I don't have a student at the school and that in fact I work there. She was like, "Oh, well we have a separate for faculty and staff that you can enter."

The very next day, I was taking a little break during second period. You know, just getting a drink, going to the bathroom, walking around a little. As I start walking down one of the main hallways this man turns to me and says, "Whose mom are you again? You look so familiar, I just can't place your face with your student."

Seriously??? I said, "I don't have a student here. I work here. If I did have a student I would've been 15 when I had the nope, just an employee. Thanks though."

So...what can we conclude from this? Either I look about 32 or I look like the type of person that would get pregnant at 15. Thanks for making my week, Ms. PTA volunteer and Mr. Choir Teacher.