Friday, May 24, 2013

ONE year!

Brinton had his birthday not too long ago.  We had a fun party a few days after his birthday (on a Saturday).  It was rainy off and on that day, so we ended up having the party indoors, at my in-law's house.  We had a lot of family there and a few friends.  I think that Brinton was overwhelmed by the whole ordeal.  Perhaps the first birthday is a big deal, not so much because the child is now a year old, but because the parents have made it through their first year of parenting and everyone has survived (we hope).  At least, that theory might be true for the first child.  Anyway, here's a little bit about Brinton and then some pictures from the party and his actual birthday.

So, he is pretty good at mimicking what you say.  Occasionally, he will say random words that he hears others say in conversation.  Like today when I picked him up from his Aunt's house (she was babysitting him for the day).  She mentioned how long his hair is, and I said that I needed to get it cut, because it is so long, and then he said, "cut."  It pretty clearly sounded like "cut" also.  But not a word that I've ever heard him say before.  His favorite word is "hot."  Everything is hot.  He loves ceiling fans, ever since our trip to Vegas.  I mean, he liked them when he was new, but he was reintroduced to them on our trip.  We bought one to put in his room, and one day Sam installed it.  When Brinton and I got home I took him into his room to show him it and he was so happy.  He loves to walk around - assisted.  It wears his parents out.  He LOVES being outside, in the stroller, at the park, or just sitting around on the grass.  He always wants to eat what we are eating (for meals).  If anyone in the same room as him gets a snack, he immediately crawls over and stands up to get some, such a mooch.  He likes to drink from straws, and he is liking the cow's milk.  I think he his getting his first year molars, and that has put a kink in his sleeping habits, but what can ya do?  He is so much fun!  I am so glad that I only have two more short days of work until summer break!  At his one year check up he was 23 pounds and 5 ounces.  He is 31" tall, and I have no idea what percentile those are.  Maybe I should look it up.  The nurse said she was going to print me a growth chart, but I think she forgot, as did I...until later.  Anyway, now for some pictures:

It is so hard to get a decent picture of these two together these days.  This was the best I got.

These last two were taken on his birthday, at Target.  I didn't buy the disk, so I just took pictures of the pictures.  (I think that might be illegal, but I'm not sure.  And I'm not going to make prints of them or anything, and I only chose two of the 50 I got.  Am I evil?)